Block Notary

the App allows you to store the digital fingerprint of your files in the public ledger called “The Blockchain”.
Think of it as a notary for the digital age. The App is as simple as clicking the “Share” button.

Block Notary

your "proof-of-existence" app

After you download the "Block Notary" app you can store the digital fingerprint of any content from your phone in the most secure and reliable public ledger ever created by humankind—the Blockchain.

You can use it like a copyright to verify your rights to photo, video or any clipboard content that you created. 

We use Bitcoin Bitcoin TestNet3, BlockCypher Test. We will add Bitcoin Livenet, Factom and other services in future versions.

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  • Proof of existence

    Shoot a photo on your device or take any media and send it to the "Notary" action extension on your iPhone. 

  • Blockchain 

    Select how you want to fingerprint your media file (hash function) and where to store it (blockchain). 

    Choose free-to-use Testnet3 or the paid Bitcoin network.

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  • Notifications

    After your transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, your phone will get a push notification. When you open it, you will see all of the transaction details: block and transaction IDs. Here’s an example

  • Simple as 1-2-3

    Create a photo, select “Share", and then choose the “Notary” extension from the list. After you’ve uploaded the file, you will get a Blockchain notary confirmation within 10 minutes.

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  • Technology Stack*

    We use as the backend for the mobile app and BlockCypher  Web Services to access Bitcoin Blockchain and Testnet. All Blockchain API calls are made using CloudCode.  For transaction details we use SoChain blockchain explorer.

    * Coinbase API is being integrated into the app and will be available shortly.


"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." Phil Jackson

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    David Bentley

    Blockchain University, Cohort #2

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